July 9, 2018
Copying Dates into Excel

There’s often a need to quickly copy/paste a database query output into an Excel sheet, rather than exporting as a .csv file. When you do this for a DATETIME column though, it’ll show up in Excel looking something like this. I don’t think Excel likes the milliseconds. This is the data I tried to copy […]

July 8, 2018
Stack Exchange Data Explorer

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer is an amazing place where you’ll find all the data that is stored for those Q&A’s they’ve got going. The interesting stuff is down here though 😉 (number 24 in the list) You can view other folk’s queries on each database, as well as create a query of your own… […]

July 1, 2018
More on SPIDs… and Killing Them

Something I learned today while looking at an old script. The script kills all SPIDs on a database. I had an instant urge to kill system SPIDs just to see what would happen. And the result was… That’s a good thing though right? One less thing to be worrying about. You can’t kill system SPIDs. […]