SSMS Custom Colours
October 22, 2018
Using Custom Connection Colours in SSMS

SSMS has an option that allows you to change the colour of your query banner, which is useful if you want visually mark a server that you work with every-day. A while back, when I was frequently switching between live & test SQL instances, I set them to red/green. Red obviously meaning be cautious! Nowadays, […]

Count Rows within CSV Files
October 9, 2018
Count rows within CSV files using PowerShell

This post is a quick run-through of using a PowerShell script to count rows within many CSV files, with a quick check of the data afterwards. You might find this useful for verifying data using row counts, if importing multiple CSV files into a database. Count Rows within CSV Files First, open PowerShell ISE on […]

Export Data from SQL Server
October 2, 2018
Exporting SQL Server Query Results to CSV

This post is a quick guide on how to export data from SQL Server into a CSV file. The default export to settings will try save your query as a column aligned .rpt file, so I'll cover that below while converting to CSV format. Export SQL Server Query to CSV File To export a query […]

October 1, 2018
Checking Table Sizes in SQL Server

There are many ways to check the size of a table in SQL Server. The way you'll do it will likely depend on what you're task at hand is. For example, a quick look at the Disk Usage by Top Tables report on a database you've never seen before would instantly show you the heavy […]