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Hello, my name is Peter Whyte, and welcome to my tech blog!

This domain for me is a space to post anything of interest within the world of computing & software. In my free time, I really do enjoy taking deep dives into different technologies, testing various thought trends then writing about it to help remember whatever the details of the test were. The idea behind this blog is really for me to have a place to refer back to for useful links or info. The best thing is, some years into the journey I find myself utilizing this blog information almost daily!

There's always been a strong passion within me around the world of computing. It was always the path, starting out as a young PC gamer during my mid-teenage years and then jumped into College computing courses as soon as I left school at 16. I had to learn a bit of life stuff and started out my working career from the bottom, but it's all worked out and I'm happy to be able to say I'm working with the technologies I love every day. I'm always hungry for a challenge in and out of work and just love understanding how things work... I aim to prove that anyone can learn anything, it just takes practice and dedication.

I currently hold a role as a Data Administrator within a Data Management team. Job titles can never really summarise what's involved within the role, so see below for more info on recent job responsibilities, if of interest.

When I'm not at work, my life goals are to raise my daughter to the best of my ability. And, to try to enjoy the journey!

I hope you enjoy what you find here or find it somewhat educational. Feel free to contact me (see bottom of this page) for feedback or questions if you have any. Cheers!

Peter Whyte

Recent Working History


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Oct 2017 – Present

Title: Data Administrator
# (on-going) Work on Phase 2 of the Data Platform project. Tooling for my role includes a lot of AWS technologies with the main focuses being Redshift, IAM, Glue, DMS & Python. There's a lot more involved, see below Phase 1 for a full list.
# (on-going) Maintain & support the AWS Reporting environment. Tooling includes; EC2, AWS Backups, VPC.
# (on-going) Monitoring and administration of SQL Server, SSIS & BI tools (Tableau, Cognos & FastStats), ensuring data is accurate & up-to-date.
# (on-going) Upgrade & apply changes to software used by the Data Management & Insight teams, including the configuration of deduplication & data cleansing software.
# (on-going) Manage database security, integrity, and backup procedures.
# (on-going) Support the Data Management & Insight team, guiding on technical issues and automation of tasks.
# (on-going) Maintain documentation.
# (1 year) Help deliver Phase 1 of a new Data Platform which aims to replace the existing Data Warehousing setup - learning the offerings of AWS Services with support from the Data Management team throughout. Tooling includes; RedShift, IAM, S3, Glue, DMS, AWS CLI, CDK (Typescript), Python, Git/BitBucket, Jenkins, Node.js.
# (2.5 years) Monitor automated jobs (inc. SSIS feeds, reports, ETL, retention scripts, and database maintenance tasks & other software builds) and troubleshoot any failures that happen.
# (6 months) Lift and shift the BI stack to AWS.
# (6 months) Support with BAU IT Operations tasks & other small projects.
# (1.5 years) Create ETL workloads (primarily within SSIS) and see new projects through from start to finish.
# (1.5 years) Investigate data discrepancies & application issues.


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Zonal Retail Data Systems

Oct 2016 – Oct 2017

Title: Database Administrator
# Administration, monitoring and tuning of datacentre and customer on-premise MSSQL database services
# Configure and monitor replication, linked servers, external uplifts, mirroring, maintenance frameworks, schema management of large databases and monitoring tools.
# Promptly respond to database alerts ensuring high uptime and performance targets are archived.
# Spawn and provision new Windows GUI or CLI VMs for production SQL Server use, ensuring best practices have been adhered to.
# Manage database growth, increasing resources as new databases find their feet, and manage data retention if required.
# Work with R&D and support teams to resolve issues at hand, including assisting with deployments of new software changes.
# Attend CAB meetings and perform database changes as and when required.
# Proactively upgrade OS and SQL server instances.
# Draft monthly or ad-hoc database reports.
# Maintain database inventory and other shared documentation.



Apr 2015 – Oct 2016

Title: IT Operations Application Support Engineer
# Provide internal on-site & remote IT Support to all of Europe; a user base upwards of 1,500 within over 45 sites and working with other divisions on a global scale to support shared systems.
# Administration & troubleshooting of AD/GPO, Exchange, VPNs, TCP/IP, SharePoint, and AV software.
# Support internal SQL based applications, amending live data or Microsoft Access reports upon request.
# Troubleshoot Microsoft Office issues, providing user guidance when required.
# Communicate with 3rd party vendors to query information, report faults, and for purchase.
# Support UK mobile phones while managing tariffs and the MDM portal.
# Perform backups, troubleshoot failures and restore data.
# Re-patching of server equipment and directing users to do this over the phone when necessary.
# Manage new start and leaver requests creating or removing all system access, ensuring hardware has been configured (with encryption), and shipping in-time for start dates.

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