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Big Updates

Big Updates

I’ve blasted through several changes to the design since my last update. It’s looking much prettier (probably) however it’s always at the sacrifice of content. I’m readying myself for zoning in on content soon, although it is rather fun levelling up my WordPress skill tree.

I have a number of fixes that I’ll note down here. It’s always nice to check-point where I’m at and better plan the changes ahead.

#– Convert to HTTPS.
#– Fix Google MAP API issue, mobile devices get an error.
#– Add exclusion filter to Tech Blog navigation.
#– Change highlighted text from green to red, or black, or to anything other than green.
#– Switch to using Crayons for code display. I’m not feeling GitHub.
#– Add subscription functionality, exploring options for full customisation.
#– Explore new theme of images on tech posts.

I’m sure there’s more. I’ll update throughout this week!