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First step complete!

First step complete!

Here we go, I’m live!

Tonight, I got my domain name and hosting sorted out with WordPress installed. I’m ready to get the blogging action started a fresh after going through a long spell of learning the ropes.

It was a new year goal of 2017 to get a blog up and running. I’ve since had several domains and played with a ton of themes, making mistakes with every decision along the way. Mistake after mistake after mistake… resulting in a perfect training course!

For example, a simple decision over my domain name was a tough one. Maybe, Those are my 1st & 2nd attempts. It’s a shame is around £600… but I’m happy now. I’m sure of it. Just my full name for a blog. Who cares about the hyphen right?

So I’m ready to roll. I have a fair amount of customisation to do to make this website functional.