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On-going Website Maintenance

On-going Website Maintenance

It’s been a good week… here’s the highlights!

Plugin Updates

I’ve done my regular plugin updates which I aim to do at-least once a month. I’ve always said to myself, as soon as I see issues with updates I’ll change my awful strategy. That strategy being, select all plugins that need an update and hit go!

Today was that day. I was presented with the following when trying to load any page after trying to update my plugins.

After about 5 minutes I started having a quick google on this message. Luckily, when I checked back on my website again it was all good again.

I managed to get them updated individually without issues, but this certainly triggered the thought that I should improve on my plugin update process for next time. The thought of having to fix it via FTP makes it one to be avoided.

Security Scan

I’ve had the Wordfence security plugin installed from the get-go, although I had yet to run a scan on here. I had one issue flag when I ran it;

The Crayons syntax plugin hasn’t been updated since May 2016. Long enough to merit steering else-where I think, so I’ll add that to my fix list.

Fix List

I’ve smashed a few off the list this week and changed a few things (again). I’ll expand on each of the below as I go. For now, that’s it!

To be fixed
#– Move away from the Crayons code display plugin.
#– Pictures don’t open in a new tab when clicked on blog post loop thumnail images.
#– Add labels (tags) to all old tech posts.
#– Add subscription functionality, exploring options for full customisation.
#– Go through older tech blog posts to check for formatting issues. Alot of WordPress changes have happened since they were published.

#– Get Disqus comment system in-line with post widths.
#– Text hover-over bug on the Journal & Web Stats blog filmstrip featured images.
#– Change social media icons.
#– Add exclusion filter to Tech Blog navigation.
#– Reduce Disqus width to fit within post width.
#– Add post navigation to footers.
#– Fix SiteOrigin plugin (Custom CSS site display after HTTPS change)
#– Some links differ in hover colour, amend from green to red
#– Convert to HTTPS.
#– Fix Google MAP API issue, mobile devices get an error.
#– Change highlighted text from green to red, or black, or to anything other than green.
#– Explore new theme of images on posts.
#– Remove self (all devices/networks) from Google Analytics.
#– Switch to using Crayons for code display. I’m not feeling GitHub.