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One Quick Week Later

One Quick Week Later

It’s been a quick week… Am I right? It’s been quick eh? Quick one for you too? Oh really? That’s cool.

I was able to cross off most of the things I hoped to do since my last post. One thing on my mind has been the structure of my tech content. I want to be able to post up long winded tutorials as well as a quick one sentence resolution to a particular error message. Varied depths of content on the varied softwarezies I use. It may all appear a bit random at first, but in the end I hope the vision is clear.

One of the problems for me is, going in with the intention of posting something simple always leads to deeper dives. Even if I’m posting a quick fix, I want to make sure it covers the need to know info and that it’s accurate. Often I’m led onto further reading and tests, gaining extra bits of info for the post along the way. Beefing out posts which I didn’t picture doing in the first place!

Currently, I have many unfinished posts and zero scheduled posts for future. I’ll drive the tech post count up soon and get a schedule going one day. No rush though, it’s sunny out-side…

In the next week I hope to
#– Publish 2 more Tech Blog posts.
#– Tick-off one more from the Fix List.
#– Post again on Monday!

Fix List

I’m glad to have ticked off converting to a HTTPS site. I must have spent 10x more time thinking about doing it than actually configuring it! Using the CPanel model, it literally took 2 minutes to perform the certificate change. A short wait after the certificate was valid on my home machine.

It has broken something though… My SiteOrigin Custom CSS window no longer displays pages.

If I change the URL to HTTPS, this error shows.

Ah well, another to add on the list eh. Also, new this week is a task to clean up older posts, particularly spacing and cleaning the old GitHub code displays.

#– Convert to HTTPS.
#– Fix Google MAP API issue, mobile devices get an error.
#– Change highlighted text from green to red, or black, or to anything other than green.
#– Explore new theme of images on posts.
#– Remove self (all devices/networks) from Google Analytics.
#– Switch to using Crayons for code display. I’m not feeling GitHub.

#– Add exclusion filter to Tech Blog navigation.

Not Started
#– Add subscription functionality, exploring options for full customisation.
#– Some links differ in hover colour, amend from green to red

#– Fix SiteOrigin plugin (Custom CSS site display).
#– Go through older posts, amend formats and code displays.