Hi!… I’m Peter Whyte.

Hello and welcome to my website, which is a place for me to store all my notes as I blog away as a software enthusiast.

My area of interest very much revolves around Database Administration (DBA), so there will be a lot of RDMS related posts on here, particularly SQL Server.

It’s been an amazing journey working away at this blog which I started in January 2017. Like anything, practise makes perfect. My hope is to continue to improve my writing and all the other skills required to run a blog. It’s been a long and fun journey so far… and I feel like I’m just getting started!

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment on posts or write me a line any time. I’d apprecaite any critique or feedback you may have.


Recent Posts

Changing Schemas SQL Server
September 30, 2019
Changing Schemas in SQL Server

This is a post on moving tables from one schema to another in SQL Server. A semi-rare task for myself, although it could be more frequent for those who use schemas for things like staging tables/versioning. 

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Installing Active Directory
June 4, 2019
Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2016

This is a run-through on installing Active Directory within a Hyper-V test environment. There’s 5 parts to this one: # Create a Hyper-V Private Network.# Configure Windows TCP/IP Settings.# Rename the Windows Server Host.# Install Active Directory.# Promote the Server to a Domain Controller.

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