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Remember Content Yo

Remember Content Yo

The title is a note to self, and FYI, I always add a yo at the end of all my self-notes. It’s the best way to grab myselfs attention!

Since my post last Monday, I’ve been focusing on role based security, membership plugins, private pages & danced the dance to make some pages look good. Learning by doing all the way, and whatever crazy idea comes to mind I immediately try implement it.

The problem with the above is that, I still feel like I’m improving the picture frame but there’s only a sketch inside. I need to get back with some SQL & lab stuff and get the tech blogs flowing. I think I’ve made good progress for the first 20, but now it’s time to get some consistency going.

In the next week I hope to
#– Publish 2 more Tech Blog posts.
#– Update the Web Stats page.
#– Tick-off one more from the Fix List.
#– Build on the Web Blog post template for next week.

Fix List

This’ll be the 3rd time I include a fix list to these web blog posts. It’s something I hope to expand on soon, posting fixes and quirks on the tech blog, as-is the plan for any other software I touch. Hopefully I can cross off one of per week.

#– Fix Google MAP API issue, mobile devices get an error.
#– Change highlighted text from green to red, or black, or to anything other than green.
#– Explore new theme of images on posts.
#– Remove self (all devices/networks) from Google Analytics.

#– Switch to using Crayons for code display. I’m not feeling GitHub.

Not Started
#– Convert to HTTPS.
#– Add exclusion filter to Tech Blog navigation.
#– Add subscription functionality, exploring options for full customisation.

#– Some links differ in hover colour, amend from green to red

Note; some of the above is subject to edits.