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SiteOrigin Custom CSS Load Delay

I’ve used SiteOrigin CSS WordPress Plug-in quite a bit now, although there’s one note-able issue that I feel is worth blogging about. This SiteOrigin Plug-in lets you click on an area of your page and customise a ton of options without you typing a single line of code.

For some of the changes I’ve made I encountered a front-end load delay. The page would load, then make the format change a second later. This took me way too long to sort out and I had to post this up as it was a happy moment when I did!

Every-time I figure out a solution to an issue at-hand though, I’m always left thinking about why it took me so long to rectify. I’ve had a lot of practise at Googling stuff but still I blame my chosen terminology when it’s an online search that fixes things. This one for example I searched multiple times over many weeks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When the SiteOrigin CSS Editor has been installed, you can get to the GUI editor shown in the screenshot above by navigating to Appearance > Custom CSS on the WordPress dashboard. To fix the load delay I copied the output CSS to the actual page which is done by navigating to Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. It’s apparently not as good from a caching perspective as far as I read.