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Tech Content Update

Tech Content Update

I’ve been sinking recent time into tech blog posts, trying to get into the swing of it. It takes time to write though… I find myself drafting up one new Word doc after another, scoping in on truely random snippets of my key areas. Those areas are mostly SQL Server, as it’s what I use daily, but eventually I want to expand on other areas such as;

#– Windows Server
#– WordPress
#– Azure
#– Windows Client OS’s (7/10 mostly)
#– Microsoft Office
#– SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
#– PowerShell
#– Other (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Paint.NET & many other random tools)

I want to blog everything that I consider is note-worthy. Whether it’s a random error in Microsoft Word or a test of a SQL stored procedure, I want to have some info I can refer back to if I do it again.


Fix List

I fixed the hover-over colours within no time, as well as the SiteOrigin Custom CSS plugin issue. Both were fixed by the Tuesday, however I had less time to get stuff done on here as the week progressed.

This week, I have 3 tasks to add.

#– Stop right-hand side bar from scrolling down with the page.
I’ll make the date of post on the left side stick too. I have a feeling that would work better as the majority of my posts are not terribly long anyway… We’ll see though!

#– Add post navigation to footers.
Ideally, it should navgiate to the next and previous posts within the same category.

#– Reduce Disqus width to fit within post width.
Currently it’s as wide as the left hand side bar.

And here’s the full list…

#– Fix SiteOrigin plugin (Custom CSS site display after HTTPS change)
#– Some links differ in hover colour, amend from green to red
#– Convert to HTTPS.
#– Fix Google MAP API issue, mobile devices get an error.
#– Change highlighted text from green to red, or black, or to anything other than green.
#– Explore new theme of images on posts.
#– Remove self (all devices/networks) from Google Analytics.
#– Switch to using Crayons for code display. I’m not feeling GitHub.

#– Add exclusion filter to Tech Blog navigation.

Not Started
#– Add subscription functionality, exploring options for full customisation.
#– Go through older posts, amend formats and code displays.