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The New Fix List

The New Fix List

In my previous journal posts I would often add a set of issues I have on this website. Things I need to note down to fix when I get time to. I last did this in November.

It’s a never ending gig. New issues or ideas for improvement pop up at every step of the way. For example, I’ve received about 10 messages via my contact form in the last week or so. None of them contained an actual message…

I knew the first place to look would be within the Contact Form 7 Form settings.

I then checked what was shown within Mail settings.

Would you have known what to do?

I quickly resolved the issue by copying the […textarea-496] code over to the output settings as shown below.

When I last amended my contact form I obviously didn’t change the mail output settings… More importantly than that though, why didn’t I test it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All previous messages were lost. I would have required an additional plugin (Flamingo) for that. Within days after the fix I realised they’d all be spam messages anyway. Here’s a few example messages.

So… a quick fix, that has led to a new addition to the list. I need a spam filtering system in-place on forms!

This here is my list gathered for 2019 so far:

# Fix contact form messages.
# Fix broken redirection links (broke after replacing pages with updates).
# Hide the ‘Featured’ tag from Tag Cloud widget.
# Add a CAPTCHA to site contact forms.
# Test subscription (MailChimp) email sends summarising recent content.
# Finish my Timeline.
# Finalise structure of the Web Traffic page.

I’ll continue to expand on different problems as I go. Hopefully it’ll provide insight into unforeseen considerations during the build of a website.