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The only blog updates

The only blog updates

General website/blog update

It’s been a wee while since I’ve posted within the tech blog, but the good news is I’m still making a habit of blogging by writing this eh! Even if these posts are terrible, containing nothing much of worth, I’m still happy to be continuously active with my writing in any form.

I’m finding myself make use of my website every day at work though. It’s serving me well as a script repository and a notepad which makes me happy. If it provides functional use for me, then there’s a better chance of it being useful for others.

Everything I write is aimed at no particular audience. Or shall I say, no audience! I still need to update my web stats section, but there’s still not much to look at really. It’s nice and quiet here, so there’s no pressure.

I do hope to ramp things up with respect to the tech blog. That’s always going to be the juicy stuff in my opinion. Until that happens, I can’t complain about the lack of organic traffic.

Other news

In other news, 3 weeks ago I posted about a new job prospect – An 8 week process including a technical test (SQL Server), telephone interview and a longish face-to-face interview.

2.5 weeks after the face-to-face the recruiter gave me a call… It wasn’t to be!

My feedback was literally 3 words, “You came second”.

Hey-ho. It’s all positive in the end. An enjoyable experience from start to finish, it really was. I learned and was reminded of a few things too…

  • I found that one of the most exciting things about the job prospect was that I’d be working with other DBAs. I really want that in my next role.
  • I was reminded that I should be more selective with who I chose to represent me (recruiter-wise).
  • I was as calm as I have ever been during an interview, although there’s always room for improvement there.

Now it’s over, I’d say I’m now casually on the look-out for a new role. No rush. Aim to find the right place with some fellow SQL Server DBA’s!