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Time to Suit Up

Time to Suit Up

5 weeks ago I decided to have a very quick look at the job market. I flicked through what S1Jobs had to offer under within the land of SQL Server and found something of interest. A job that ticked all the boxes!

But, I wasn’t really looking to switch jobs at this time. I closed that tab down. End of story…

Once every month or so, I do as many others do and have a look at what’s out there. Checking for things like, how frequently jobs within my skills area are posted and what kind of companies are hiring. Usually there’s at least one job I’m interested in and would like to know more about. But I don’t probe any further if I’m not looking to move!

With that said though… I’m being truthful when I say, within 2 minutes of closing Chrome tab, I had an In-Mail on LinkedIn from a recruiter asking me if I was interested in that role. I was confused, and was immediately thinking if it could’ve been tracking cookies or something like it? I couldn’t beleive it. But after speaking with the recruiter, she informed me that it was a manual send – just massive coincidence then!

So, I sent along my CV and thought, let fate take the lead on this one. It’s a win-win situation. If I don’t get the job, then maybe I’ll know more about my weaknesses? Improve on interview skills? If I do get the job, then I hope the decision is an easy one!

During the time since this all first came through, I’ve taken a technical test (SQL Server based) and had an hour long telephone interview. It’s taken some time but gone very quick.

Tomorrow is the face-to-face!