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WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg & Fix List Update

WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg & Fix List Update

I’ve managed to get a lot done in January. Spending a lot of hours working on this & studying during ‘free’ time. Lots to get done and a long way to go! There’s been a few changes on here to the front and back-end, so here’s a quick update post on whassapnin.

WordPress 5.0 Update

My website automatically updated to WordPress 5.0 during December. The first thing I did when I received the email was check if the front-end looked and functioned as it did before, which it did.

During recent weeks I’ve been able to fully test the all new Gutenberg editing experience. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but that was mostly due to having to get used to the new UI I think. I powered through with no desire to continue using the Classic Editor. Move forward with the software and all that.

As I continue to use the new WordPress editor I’m finding myself like it more and more. It is definitely an easier to manage editor and it’s opened up some options for my post template going forward.

One of the things I’m making a change to is how images on posts are displayed. Old posts have all images centred, and if you wanted it left aligned it would have the text in-line as shown below.

Both of the above are centred. It’s good to have the choice now! I’m sure there would have been a way to achieve this before, but I noob.

So, all good with the WordPress 5.0 update in the end… Although, format changes like above have to be consistent, so I’ll need another sweep through old posts. Converting classic posts to blocks can sometimes break a few things too, so this is another chunky task to add to the Fix List!

Fix List

# Fix contact form messages. 
# Fix broken redirection links (broke after replacing pages with updates).
# Hide the ‘Featured’ tag from Tag Cloud widget. 
# Add index pages.
# Improve home page.
# Reformat & touch-up all previous posts.
# Add a CAPTCHA to site contact forms. 
# Test subscription (MailChimp) email sends summarising recent content.
# Finish my Timeline.
# Finalise structure of the Web Traffic page.