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Installing Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V

Installing Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V

This post contains a demo of installing the Windows Server 2016 Operating System on Hyper-V.

To install the Hyper-V Role on Windows 10, see this guide from Microsoft Docs: Install Hyper-V on Windows 10.

There are two parts to this one:
# Create a new Hyper-V Virtual Machine
# Install Windows Server 2016

Once you are done with this guide you will be logged into a new Windows Server on Hyper-V. You will then be ready to configure and run tests on your server. The next step for me would be to Install Active Directory (AD) on the server.

Creating a new Hyper-V Virtual Machine

1. Right-click your Hyper-V Manager host machine, and select New > Virtual Machine…

Hyper-V New Virtual Machine
New Virtual Machine HyperV

2. Enter the name of the new VM and the location on disk.

Hyper-V VM Name and Location

3. Select Generation of VM.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Generation

4. Enter the memory allocation amount.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Memory Allocation

5. Select a network connection (I’ll set this up later).

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Network

6. Enter the dynamic virtual hard disk limit, and for this tutorial, I’m leaving the vHD location as default (driven from the previous selection).

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Hard Disk

7. Select an Operating System ISO file.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine ISO

8. Review configuration and hit finish.

Hyper-V New Virtual Machine Summary

9. Power up the new VM!

Hyper-V Virtual Machines
Hyper-V Virtual Machine List

Installing Windows Server 2016

1. Connect to the new VM (ensuring step 7 above was followed).

Hyper-V VM without OS

2. Hit any key.

Hyper-V boot from CD

3. After 30 seconds or so of loading, select your location.

Windows Server 2016 Installation Language

4. Click to start the Windows Server installation.

Windows Server 2016 Installation

5. GUI this time around, and Datacenter Edition for the test environment.

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Installation

6. Accept the usual.

Windows Server 2016 License Agreement

7. Check advanced options.

Windows Server 2016 Installation Type

8. Install on the 50GB vHD.

Windows Server 2016 Installation Location

9. Hit next, and away it goes…

Windows Server 2016 Install

10. The installation will finish up and restart once it’s done. Before the Windows Server login screen is shown, the built-in administrator password needs to be set.

Windows Server 2016 Admin Password

11. Login with the above password.

Windows Server 2016 Administrator Login

12. Hurray, it’s Windows 2016 everybody!

Windows Server 2016 Server Manager


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