Create Linked Server with Postgres
March 10, 2019
Creating a Linked Server with a Postgres Database

In my previous post, I created a Link Server to another SQL Server instance This time, it’s a link to a Postgres database! This guide can be followed from start to finish using the links below. # Install SQL Server (separate post).# Install PostgreSQL (separate post).# Test Connectivity to Remote Server (previous Linked Server post).# […]

Configuring Linked Servers in SQL Server
March 4, 2019
Configuring Linked Servers in SQL Server

Linked Servers in SQL Server allows you to query external databases, such as remote SQL Server instances, Oracle, ODBC or MS Access databases. This is a quick guide on how to link one SQL Server instance to another, which will include the following: # Test Connectivity to Remote Server# Create Linked Server Login# Create Linked […]