MSSQL Toolbelt

A cheat-sheet full of links & scripts for SQL Server Database Administration. This includes some of my go to diagnostic, operational & ETL SQL & PowerShell scripts. Another focus is the community links for keeping up to date, as well as MSSQL tools (e.g. test databases / backup or SQL activity scripts).

Python Tests

This is a work-in-progress personal Python project on GitHub. The aim is to get better at this dominantly used programming language, and hopefully come up with a few ideas that will become enjoyable open-source projects.

AWS CDK Projects

A personal project space for AWS CDK tests. I had the opportunity to work on a Production AWS CDK (Typescript) Project in a previous work role, so this is really to build upon learnings. Includes Single-Stack & Multi-Stack Apps, involving AWS VPC, IAM, S3, EC2, SSM, RDS, Redshift, Glue, Lambda, Makefile, Python & more.