Create Linked Server with Postgres
March 10, 2019
Creating a Linked Server with a Postgres Database

In my previous post, I created a Link Server to another SQL Server instance This time, it’s a link to a Postgres database! This guide can be followed from start to finish using the links below. # Install SQL Server (separate post).# Install PostgreSQL (separate post).# Test Connectivity to Remote Server (previous Linked Server post).# […]

fe_sendauth: no password supplied
May 15, 2018
Reset postgres user password

If you forget what you entered as the postgres user password during the install, then this is a guide for you! It's exactly what I did which is the reason for a post. The shameful thing for me is that only a hour had passed since installing PostgreSQL, I was left searching the web to […]

May 14, 2018
Installing PostgreSQL 10 (Inc. Stack Builder) on Windows

A very simple wizard run-through of a PostgreSQL and Stack Builder installations. Installing PostgreSQL PostgreSQL official downloads can be found here. Also see this link (chapter 16) for installing this on a Linux system. 1. Run set-up exe file. 2. Specify installation directory. 3. Select features. 4. Specify data directory. 5. Enter the superuser (postgres) password. […]