How to Check WSL Versions

WSL allows users to develop and run applications within a GNU/Linux environment on a Windows computer. Previous to this Windows Feature you might have needed VM’s or a dual boot setup for this type of test/development environment.

October 29, 2021
Get-Command in PowerShell

A quick note on Get-Command in PowerShell. This cmdlet brings back a list of commands available to use in PowerShell. # get-command, better use wildcards * Get-Command test-sql*

October 27, 2021
Get-TimeZone in PowerShell

The Get-TimeZone command in PowerShell returns the current Time Zone of a computer, or it can be used to list all available Time Zones which will be useful if you’re planning on making changes to this.

October 26, 2021
Get-Service in PowerShell

Get-Service is a command in PowerShell that returns a list of Services on a Computer. This post is a quick guide on running this command in a PowerShell terminal, using a wildcard ( * ) to show me my services with “SQL”