How to run Update-Help in PowerShell
February 19, 2019
Updating Help Documentation in PowerShell

The Update-Help cmdlet in PowerShell will download the latest help files for PowerShell modules installed on your machine. Running PowerShell as Administrator is a requirement for this one, else you’ll get the following error. “Access is denied” is the key part in this error, amongst a lot of irrelevant info. And when you do run […]

Count Rows within CSV Files
October 9, 2018
Count rows within CSV files using PowerShell

This post is a quick run-through of using a PowerShell script to count rows within many CSV files, with a quick check of the data afterwards. You might find this useful for verifying data using row counts, if importing multiple CSV files into a database. Count Rows within CSV Files First, open PowerShell ISE on […]