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Oct 30, Get-EventLog in PowerShell
Oct 29, Get-Command in PowerShell
Oct 28, Create Folder If Not Exists in PowerShell
Oct 27, Get-TimeZone in PowerShell
Oct 26, Get-Service in PowerShell
Apr 28, Git Clone “Could not resolve hostname github.com”
Apr 8, How to Install & Configure AWS CLI on Ubuntu
Apr 7, How to Install and Cofigure AWS CLI on Windows
Apr 6, How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL
Apr 5, How to Unregister a Linux Distro in WSL
Apr 4, How to Set a Default Linux Distro in WSL
Apr 3, Show Event Logs in PowerShell
Apr 2, Open Current Folder in PowerShell
Apr 1, Redshift JDBC Driver Download
Mar 31, Create New Files and Folders in PowerShell


Nov 30, Find String in Tables in SQL Server
Nov 27, Show Only the Domain of an Email Address in SQL Server
Nov 25, Use Command in SQL Server
Nov 23, Change Default Database in SQL Server
Nov 13, Install oh-my-posh in Windows
Nov 12, Install Windows Terminal (WT)
Nov 11, Install posh-git on Windows
Nov 10, Install Chocolatey on Windows
Oct 4, Disk Usage by Top Tables Report in SQL Server
Sept 28, Change Git Remote URL to SSH (from HTTPS)
Sept 27, List all Schemas/Tables/Columns in RedShift & Postgres
Sept 26, Create a Superuser in RedShift
Sept 25, Create a Test AWS RedShift Cluster
Sept 22, Show Last Backup Times in SQL Server
Sept 21, Why use WHERE 1=1 in SQL Queries
Sept 8, Setup SSH Keys in WSL
Sept 7, “Config Lock Failed Operation not Permitted” – Linux Linked Folders
Sept 7, Install Git on Windows
Sept 6, Create a Link Between Local Windows Files and WSL
Sept 5, Access Local Files from Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
Sept 4, Reinstall a WSL Distro
Sept 3, Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (with Ubuntu 18.04)
July 30, Remove Quotes from a CSV File with PowerShell
July 16, “..ps1 cannot be loaded because running scripts is disabled on this system”
July 15, Creating a Linked Server with a MySQL Database
July 14, Check & Restart SQL Server Services on Linux
May 30, “Changing The Primary Domain DNS Name Of This Computer Failed” – Server 2008 R2
May 7, Testing Connectivity to Remote Server Ports with PowerShell
May 6, Forcing Encryption in SQL Server
May 5, Include Execution Trace Messages In SQL Server Error Logs
May 4, Backing up a SQL Server Database with Encryption
May 4, Backing up a SQL Server Certificate
May 3, Running PowerShell Scripts as Scheduled Tasks In Windows
April 29, How to Check What Features are Installed in SQL Server
April 27, Installing SQL Server on Linux
April 27, Installing Firewalld on Linux
April 25, Enabling TCP Connections in SQL Server


November 16, What’s New in the SQL Server 2019 Installation Wizard
October 31, Domain Join Sanity Checks
October 8, Creating MySQL Databases & Tables (with tips)
October 7, Delete Windows.old Files
October 3, Installing MySQL 8.0 on Windows
October 2, Running Scheduled Tasks in SQL Server Express
October 1, sqlcmd in SQL Server
September 30, Changing Schemas in SQL Server
July 18, Adding & Removing SQL Features via Command
June 10, Install/Uninstall SQL Server via Command
June 9, Configuring Windows Server Core
June 8, Joining a Windows Host to a Domain
June 4, Installing Active Directory On Windows Server 2016
May 14, Installing Windows Server 2016 With Hyper-V
April 17, “Windows Could Not Start The SQL Server”
April 15, “Index Was Out Of Range” SQL Server Management Studio
April 13, How To Exclude A Category From Blog Page In WordPress
April 11, “Content From The Website Listed Below Is Being Blocked.” Windows Server
March 10, Creating a Linked Server with a Postgres database
March 4, Configuring Linked Servers in SQL Server
February 23, Database Growth Events in SQL Server
February 21, Setting Maximum Database File Sizes in SQL Server
February 19, Updating Help Documentation in PowerShell
February 17, Moving TempDB Files in SQL Server
January 24, The (SSMS) Import Flat File Feature
January 22, Attaching SQL Databases Without Log Files
January 20, Backup & Restore (WITH FILE)
January 13, Applying Data Retention to a SQL Table


October 22, Using Custom Connection Colours in SSMS
October 9, Count rows within CSV files using PowerShell
October 2, Exporting SQL Server Query Results to CSV
October 1, Checking Table Sizes in SQL Server
September 16, Backing Up a SQL Server Database
September 4, Restoring a SQL Server Database
August 30, Batch Deletions in SQL Server
July 9, Copying Dates into Excel
July 8, Stack Exchange Data Explorer
July 1, More on SPIDs… and Killing Them
June 30, Change Highlighted Colour of Text in WordPress
June 18, SQL Server Support
May 21, Logging sp_whoisactive to a table
May 20, Get Database Growth Events in SQL Server
May 19, Geographical Spatial Environmental Mental
May 16, Show Line Numbers in the SSMS Query Window
May 15, Reset postgres user password
May 14, Installing PostgreSQL 10 & Stack Builder on Windows
May 13, Get Disk Space in SQL Server
April 22, Copying a Live WordPress website onto MAMP
April 18, Configuring MAMP (with WordPress)
April 17, Killing SQL Server Processes (SPIDs)
April 16, Renaming a computer that hosts SQL Server
April 15, Installing SQL Server 2017
April 9, SiteOrigin Custom CSS Load Delay
April 9, Estimated Database Restore Time