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How to Install Windows Terminal

How to Install Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a more modern command-line tool that has many additional features. A major benefit of WT is the multiple tabs feature.

Windows Terminal multiple tabs

Other benefits of Windows Terminal include Unicode / UTF-8 character support, GPU-accelerated text rendering, and the ability to create your own themes & shortcuts.

This blog post contains a demo on how to install Windows Terminal, with an added tip on how to open PowerShell as Administrator using Windows Terminal.

# Install Windows Terminal (WT)
# Run PowerShell WT Session as Administrator

Install Windows Terminal (WT)

I’m installing using Chocolatey, the Windows package manager. Note, a reboot is required post-install.

# install windows terminal chocolatey
choco install microsoft-windows-terminal

Search and open Windows Terminal.

Click the drop-down to open new tabs and you’re good to go.

Run PowerShell WT Session as Administrator

Run the command below and a new Windows Terminal will open.

# Run PowerShell as administrator with Windows Terminal
Start-Process -Verb RunAs cmd.exe '/c start wt.exe -p "Windows PowerShell"'

And here’s a typical command that would require admin elevation.


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