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Using Custom Connection Colours in SSMS

Using Custom Connection Colours in SSMS

SSMS has an option that allows you to change the colour of your query banner, which is useful if you want visually mark a server that you work with every-day.

A while back, when I was frequently switching between live & test SQL instances, I set them to red/green. Red obviously meaning be cautious!

Nowadays, I think it’s unlikely you’ll have line-of-sight to both production & test environments from the same location (where SSMS is installed). So, if I’m honest, this isn’t a feature I find myself using all that often.

I thought I’d post it up for a laugh anyway. Follow the steps blow to make the change.

Changing Connection Colours in SSMS

1. Click to connect to a SQL Server instance within SSMS.

SSMS Connect to a Database

2. Click Options.

SSMS Connection Options

3. Within the Connection Properties tab, check the box to use custom colours and select your preference.

Change Connection Colours SSMS

4. Open a new query window to view the change.