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How to Unregister a Linux Distro in WSL

How to Unregister a Linux Distro in WSL

This is a post on how to unregister a Linux distro in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) – useful for cleaning up an old installation for reinstalling a-fresh.

All I’m doing below is listing out the distros currently installed and following it up with the unregister command. Just amend the distro name you want to remove from the wsl output list.

Caution: Once unregistered, all data, settings, and software associated with that distribution will be permanently lost. Reinstalling from the store will install a clean copy of the distribution. – Microsoft Docs

# show list of wsl distros
wsl -l -v
# unregister a wsl distro
wsl --unregister <distro_name>

My Ubuntu-20.04 distro is no more.