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How to Check What Features are Installed in SQL Server

How to Check What Features are Installed in SQL Server

This is a quick guide on how to check which features are installed on a SQL Server.

Open your SQL Server installation files. You may find them within the Setup Bootstrap folder (“C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\SQL2019”) or you might already have the ISO handy.

SQL Server Installation Files

We can open cmd.exe from the top navigation bar.

Open CMD from Folder

Then run the Setup.exe with the /ACTION=RunDiscovery parameter (Microsoft Docs – Installation Parameters).

SQLSetup RunDiscovery

The SQL Server discovery report is saved to %ProgramFiles%\MicrosoftSQL Server\nnn\Setup Bootstrap\Log\<last Setup Session>.

‘nnn’ is whatever version of SQL Server you have:
# SQL Server 2012 (110)
# SQL Server 2014 (120)
# SQL Server 2016 (130)
# SQL Server 2016 (130)
# SQL Server 2017 (140)
# SQL Server 2019 (150)

SQLSetup Summary File

If you’re using PowerShell, Get-Content will work… tab your way through the sub-folders.

SQLSetup Summary File PowerShell

The highlighted area above shows only the Database Engine Services are installed of SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition.