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What’s New in the SQL Server 2019 Installation Wizard

What’s New in the SQL Server 2019 Installation Wizard

The release of SQL Server 2019 happened during the first day of Microsoft Ignite (4th November). Up until now, I’ve been using the release candidates for tests… so it’s good to have it all officialised!

Here’s some notes during my first official SQL Server 2019 installation, using the wizard on a Windows Server host;

# Features.
# Max Memory.


It’s nice to note down the full feature list for reference…

SQL Server 2019 Full Feature List


This is one of 2 changes I love. More visibility on an important configuration option, CPU parallelism for queries that run on your SQL Server instance.

SQL Server 2019 Installation MAXDOP Configuration

Max Memory

The out of the box max memory configuration commonly brings chaos… RAM contention is an issue (other things running on the server) and it can be triggering your monitoring alerts (constant 90%+ RAM usage). So it’s amazing to have more visibility on this too!

SQL Server 2019 Installation Max RAM Configuration

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