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Configuring Windows Server Core

Configuring Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core is the CLI only version of the Windows OS. This post is a run-through of configuring a new Windows Server 2016 Core host, detailed in the following steps;

# Installing Windows Server 2016 Core.
# (CLI) Changing a Windows Server Hostname.
# (CLI) Amending TCP/IP & DNS Settings.
# (CLI) Joining a Windows Server to a Domain.

Installing Windows Server 2016 Core

When installing Windows Server, we need to select the following option.  

Windows Server Core Install

Once the above is done and the reboot happens, the following will appear.

Server Core Enter Admin Password

Enter the Administrator password…

Server Core Enter Admin Password

We’re now logged in and ready to go.

PowerShell Get-Hostname

Changing a Windows Server Hostname

An easy task done with the Rename-Computer cmdlet accepted by PowerShell, followed by a reboot.

PowerShell Rename-Computer

Amending TCP/IP & DNS Settings

First we need to look at the current recognised interfaces using the Get-NetIPConfiguration cmtlet.

PowerShell Get-NetIPConfiguration

Then set a new private IP address using the New-NetIPAddress cmdlet.

PowerShell New-NetIPAddress

Lastly, set the DNS address using Set-DnsClientServerAddress.

PowerShell Set-DNSClientServerAddress

The private IPv4 network has been configured, now we should verify we have line-of-sight.

Ping IP Test
Ping Hostname Test

Joining a Windows Server to a Domain

To join a Windows OS to the domain, we can use the Add-Computer cmtlet – You’ll immediately be prompted for authorisation from an account that can join computers to the domain.  

PowerShell Add-Computer

Enter the Domain Name.

PowerShell Add Computer Domain Name

Reboot once done.

PowerShell Add-Computer Reboot

When the box is up, you’ll have the option to login with the Local Administrator account, or with another user.

Server Core Login Other User

If selecting Other user, you’ll have an entry for the domain you’re signing into.

Server Core Domain Login
Server Core Hostname and Login Info