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Installing MySQL 8.0 on Windows

Installing MySQL 8.0 on Windows

A simple run-through of installing MySQL Community Server 8.0, including MySQL Workbench on Windows.

Don’t forget to checkout the MySQL Installation documentation, and here’s a link to prerequisites.

Installing MySQL

Open the MySQL installer exe as downloaded from the link above.

MySQL Installer File

Accept License Agreement and Next.

MySQL License Agreement

I would say always choose a Custom install – only ever install what you know you need.

MySQL Install Choose Setup

I’m installing MySQL Server, MySQL Workbench and the ODBC Driver.

MySQL Install Feature Selection

You may have an additional step to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages – execute those within the wizard when prompted.

Hit Exectute to install all features selected.

MySQL Install Features - Ready
MySQL Installing

Now it’s time to configure the MySQL Server, starting off with High Availability which I don’t need on my local test environment here.

MySQL Install High Availability

On the next page, the Config Type is Development Computer, although here’s the options for reference;

MySQL Install Server Config Type

No need to deviate from the default port number or other config here.

MySQL Install Networking

Unless you have MySQL 5.x Servers in your stack, choose the recommended authentication method.

MySQL Install Authentication Type

Enter the MySQL Root Password – we can create new users later if required.

MySQL Install Root Password

This is where we select which account the MySQL Service will run as.

MySQL Install Run As Account

Now we’re ready for the configuration update – hit Execute.

MySQL Install Applying Config Update

We can have a browse in the log file to view what’s actually going on in the background.

MySQL Installation Log

All is now complete!

MySQL Workbench

Click to add a new MySQL Connection.

MySQL Workbench Add New Connection

Enter a name for the connection and no need to change connection details as this is all local on the default port.

MySQL Workbench New Connection Window

Click to Test Connection and enter the root user password as entered during installation.

MySQL Workbench New Connection Password
MySQL Workbench Connection Test

Once the above is OK’d, this new connection will show up in the Workbench connections area – click to connect.

MySQL Workbench New Connection

And I’ll now a random query to finish this off…

MySQL Workbench SELECT Version

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