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Get Last Database Restore DateTimes in SQL Server

Get Last Database Restore DateTimes in SQL Server

This post contains a script to help you get the last dates and times for when your databases were last restored in SQL Server.

The script below queries the M.S.D.B database sys.databases and restorehistory tables. You should get into the habit of searching MS Docs for every system table you query in SQL Server. This gives you the reference point you need for documentation on columns and query examples.

If your database was not created by a RESTORE procedure then the restore_date column value will be NULL. For example, if you’ve installed SQL Server and created a new database, then this script may not be of much use.

database last restore time sql

The above restore_type column shows ‘D’ to indicate a Full backup restore has happened. ‘L’ would indicate a transaction log restore, and ‘I’ is a differential restore. The column meanings can be found in the MS table docs as linked above in this post.

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