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Install oh-my-posh On Windows

Install oh-my-posh On Windows

Oh-my-posh is a theme engine for PowerShell that’s separate from your default PowerShell console. It’s powered by posh-git and has status indications for git, failed, and admin commands.

Oh-my-posh requires and runs in Windows Terminal which was my previous blog post.

This post is just a quick guide on installing oh-my-posh and showing off my current favourite theme.

Install oh-my-posh

Installing using Chocolatey here and you’ll also need to install posh-git too. This can also be done with the Import-Module cmdlet, an example of which is included in the docs.

choco install oh-my-posh

Once installed pick a theme – see this link in the oh-my-posh documentation for screenshot examples for each of the themes

Set-Theme Zash

Looking good now…