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SSMS Maximum Characters Displayed

SSMS Maximum Characters Displayed

By default, the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) maximum number of characters displayed in a single column of a query, when outputting as text is 256 characters.

This means you may encounter issues with truncated query outputs during the rare occasions you need to use Results to Text in SSMS.

SSMS Results to Text

The screenshot below shows an example of a truncated column, only showing 256 out of 550 characters in the column.

SSMS Maximum Characters

The demo below shows how to increase this SSMS default value to the maximum allowed.

Increase SSMS Maximum Characters for Results To Text

To increase your SSMS Maximum Characters for Results to Text, follow these steps.

1. Click Tools at the top menu bar and select Options.

SSMS Options

2. Navigate to Query Results > SQL Server > Results to Text.

SSMS Results to Text Max Characters

3. Open a new query Window and re-run your query or procedure.

SSMS Full Text Results

That’s it for this one – feel free to have a look at the SSMS Tips Tag for more on this topic.