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Reinstall a WSL Disto

Reinstall a WSL Disto

If you ever have issues accessing a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Distro after installing, it may be best to just reinstall it. Otherwise, hesitate before doing this if you care about the contents of your Linux machine.

This post includes:
# List Installed WSL Distros
# Unregister a WSL Distro
# Install Ubuntu 18.04

List Installed WSL Distros

Show the currently installed Linux Distributions on your system.

wsl -l

Unregister/Uninstall a WSL Distro

Caution: Once unregistered, all data, settings, and software associated with that distribution will be permanently lost. Reinstalling from the store will install a clean copy of the distribution. (MS Docs)

wsl --unregister <DistroName>

Install Ubuntu 18.04

Run the .exe file from command and enter the username/password details when prompted. See my previous post on this for more info.