December 15, 2022
Temp Tables in SQL Server

Temp tables in SQL Server can improve the efficiency and performance of complex queries by breaking them down into smaller pieces, storing intermediate results in memory, and eliminating unnecessary data.

git log
December 13, 2022
Git Log Command

Git log is an essential command for working with Git. It allows you to see the history of a repository, including details about each commit like the author, date, and commit message.

SQL Server Temp DB
October 20, 2022
Move Temp DB SQL Server

A common best practice for SQL Server DBA’s is to have Temp DB files stored on a separate drive, especially ensuring that it’s not on the C:\ drive and sharing with the OS.

October 17, 2022

SSMS, SQL Server Management Studio, is the standard application that we use to run queries and administer instances of SQL Server.