Backing up a SQL Server Certificate
May 4, 2020
Backing up a SQL Server Certificate

It’s important to backup SQL Server Certificates, but only if you’re using them really. If for example, your SQL Server database backups are encrypted and you need to restore it on another server, then you will need both the certificate and private key that was used.

Install SQL Server on Linux
April 27, 2020
Installing SQL Server on Linux

A post on installing SQL Server on Linux, following the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Guide. # Install SQL Server.# Install the SQL Server Command-Line Tools.# Connect to SQL Server Locally.# Connect to SQL Server Remotely.

sqlcmd in SQL Server
October 1, 2019
sqlcmd in SQL Server

The sqlcmd utility allows SQL to be run at the command prompt over ODBC (Version 17.3+ allows Azure connectivity). This tool comes with SSMS, or separate Windows &

Changing Schemas SQL Server
September 30, 2019
Changing Schemas in SQL Server

This is a post on moving tables from one schema to another in SQL Server. A semi-rare task for myself, although it could be more frequent for those who use schemas for things like staging tables/versioning.