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How to Check Windows Firewall Status with PowerShell

How to Check Windows Firewall Status with PowerShell

This is a quick post on how to check your local Windows Firewall status using PowerShell.

PowerShell commands follow standards and use verb-noun pairs for cmdlets. The verb at the start of the command describes the action the cmdlet performs, and the noun part is the action being performed. Here’s a list of Common Verbs, another Microsoft Docs link. The place of truth as I call it.

In this demo, we’re running Get-NetFirewallProfile with Format-Table
We’re getting the Firewall Profile status, and also formatting it into a table after a pipe ‘|’ –

# get local firewall status
Get-NetFirewallProfile | Format-Table Name, Enabled

The Windows Firewall on this machine is enabled, for all Profiles.

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