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Best Terminal for Windows 2022

Best Terminal for Windows 2022

This is a post to share an opinion on what the best Terminal in Windows is. The answer to all our needs in 2022 is Windows Terminal.

I have a blog post on how to install Windows Terminal here, and the link to the main GitHub repo is here.

That’s it. Done. Nothing much else to know, no need to be looking at other Windows Terminals in 2022, especially if you’re learning the ropes.

One of my reasons for posting this one is to see how it performs against other websites for the term ‘Best Terminal for Windows’. It’s crazy, every post is really too much information in the end… but they do it because it ranks (lots of words?). This is the top results on Google at the time of posting –

Best Terminal for Windows 2022

36… 36 best terminals? It’s too much. But if you’re up for exploring various text editors and random opinions on what folk think terminals are, then go ahead.

Best Terminal for Windows

The best Terminal in Windows to use is Windows Terminal, as mentioned at the top of this post.

This is the best terminal to get you started if you’re committed to using the Windows OS. Anything else is exploratory. The best way to approach software in my opinion is, to choose the default vendor first. In this case, and in most of my work it’s Microsoft. So go try out the software that Microsoft is developing first if you are on a Windows OS, and if it’s not working to your needs, try to find an alternative.

In Windows Terminal, we can have multiple tabs for whichever terminal session need. One of the best examples is WSL –

wsl windows terminal

This is a very different post from what I usually do. But it’s good to share an honest straight-to-post thought. I intentionally don’t give much personality away on this blog. It’s a place for posting my technical notes, with the hope that it provides every viewer with what they were searching for Online.

At least this top Terminal for Windows list comes from someone in the software/database engineering game. I use Windows Terminal every day and love it. Also, this post will likely & intentionally get lost in the nether. As ever, see how goes.

That’s me for now, over.