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AWS RedShift Logo Feature
September 25, 2020
Create a Test AWS RedShift Cluster

Here’s a simple guide on creating a new AWS RedShift Cluster within a personal AWS test environment. Warning, if you’re testing this AWS Service you have to be rigorous with managing the cluster for billing reasons.

September 14, 2020
Tech Blog – PowerShell Scripts

PowerShell Count Rows within a .CSV FileCheck a Port is OpenDisk ManagementSet IP AddressCreate Windows Firewall RuleMap Network DriveCompress & Password Protect FilesSend an Email Count Rows within a .CSV File # Count rows within CSV files, in a specified directory.

Setup SSH Keys in WSL
September 8, 2020
Setup SSH Keys in WSL

Setup SSH Keys in WSL with Bitbucket. # Create New SSH Key# Add SSH Key to Agent# Add SSH Key to Project Create New SSH Key I’m creating a new SSH key within a linked folder, which means my SSH keys are backed up on the local machine in-case anything happens on this WSL instance…

Installing Git on Windows
September 7, 2020
Install Git on Windows

Some quick notes on installing Git on Windows. I sometimes like to have installation options printed out for reference. These type of settings can usually be changed post install though.