June 30, 2018
Change Highlighted Colour of Text in WordPress

This is one from my fix list as the default highlighted text colour on my theme was green. A quick Google search showed me the way. To make the change, I had to add the following to my theme's stylesheet. There are many WordPress plugins that will allow you to change this. Some will also […]

June 18, 2018
SQL Server Support

What’s the plan when you don’t know how to fix a production issue? You can prepare this situation by reading and keeping up to date. But when you’re sweating behind a keyboard, you haven’t moved out your chair for 4 hours and you’re being chased for an update, what do you do?... I thought I'd […]

Logging sp_whoisactive to a table
May 21, 2018
Logging sp_whoisactive to a Table

This is a follow-on post of sp_who, sp_who2 & sp_whoisactive and is a run-through of logging SQL Server activity to a table, using the sp_whoisactive stored procedure. Even if you are equipped with a SQL Server monitoring tool, you still may be having trouble finding that slow/blocking query that runs during the night. Running sp_whoisactive […]

May 21, 2018
sp_who, sp_who2 & sp_whoisactive

Sp_whatnow? sp_who, sp_who2 and sp_whoisactive are stored procedures that allow you to view current users, sessions, and processes within a SQL Server instance. You'd want to see this for identifying things like blocking or checking general activity. sp_whoisactive is definitely one of my favourite stored procedures. Created by Adam Machanic, this tool gives you an […]

Study Blog
May 19, 2018
Geographical Spatial Environmental Mental

The title is just words thrown together. I'm glad you noticed. This post is the start of a "Study Blog" category, which is more or less a scribble pad for when I'm watching a video or reading stuff. My thoughts recently have been with the 70-461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam. I was converted […]

SQL Server Go To Line
May 16, 2018
Show Line Numbers in SQL Server Management Studio

This is a tip on how to show line numbers in your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) query window. This can be useful for when you receive an error with reference to a line in your code, although it’s not a necessity having it enabled as you’ll see below. I’ve created a simple script to […]

fe_sendauth: no password supplied
May 15, 2018
Reset Default PostgreSQL User Password

If you forget what you entered as the postgres user password during installation, then this is a guide for you! It's exactly what I did which is the reason for a post. The shameful thing for me is that only a hour had passed since installing PostgreSQL, I was left searching the web to get […]

May 14, 2018
Installing PostgreSQL 10 (Inc. Stack Builder) on Windows

A very simple wizard run-through of a PostgreSQL and Stack Builder installations. Installing PostgreSQL PostgreSQL official downloads can be found here. Also see this link (chapter 16) for installing this on a Linux system. 1. Run set-up exe file. 2. Specify installation directory. 3. Select features. 4. Specify data directory. 5. Enter the superuser (postgres) password. […]

SQL Script Case When
May 13, 2018
Get Disk Space of a SQL Server

You can quickly check disk space info on a SQL Server host by running the query below. I sometimes find this the quickest way to check available space rather than using PowerShell or the Windows GUI. This SQL Script only work on SQL Server 2008 R2 and above. [crayon-5cc16ab8a3f03027562441/] The query result will be returned […]

Download Live Website
April 22, 2018
Copying a Live WordPress website onto MAMP

This is a follow-on post from Configuring MAMP (with WordPress) and is a guide on how to download your website and have it run locally on your laptop or PC. This provides a test environment for upcoming changes to your website, or it's a fun task nonetheless even if you don't use it for testing […]

MAMP with WordPress
April 18, 2018
Configuring MAMP (with WordPress)

MAMP is a “one-click solution for setting up your personal webserver”. If you don’t have hosting or a domain name sorted out, you can go ahead and build your WordPress website using this free bit of kit. I promote because it’s really simple to use! This post will come in 5 parts.1. A quick install […]